Our Story

Joule$ (Founder)

The hood shaman is a personification of energy that has traversed across the globe, emanating from Arlington, Texas, while being born in San Salvador, El Salvador. His way of living, musical endeavors, and social activism have played a pivotal role in the formation and establishment of III Exist record label, brand, and movement, which is a culture that delves into the metaphysical realm more profoundly than the physical. Joule$ exhibits an ardent fondness for spirituality, natural herbal remedies, psychedelics, and other such interests, which can be construed as forms of energy exchange or shamanistic experiences.

Hexagram The Dragoon (President) 
Hexagram is a gifted visionary artist who originates from Dallas, Texas. With his mellifluous vocal lines and powerful heavy metal influences, he ignites a deep emotional resonance and profound inspiration within his audience. Having begun his career playing guitar and singing for a multitude of underground heavy metal bands, as well as dabbling in orchestral composition and music theory, he has honed his craft to a unique level of artistry. His live performances are unrivaled, imbued with a pulsating energy that captivates and enthralls all those in attendance, making for an unforgettable experience.

Ekko (Vice President)

The multi-talented entrepreneur, artist, and spiritual trapstar hailing from Dallas, Texas. With a background in business management and seven years of experience running his own professional drifting program, Ekko knows how to hustle and make things happen but Ekko’s talents don’t stop there. Ekko has a keen eye for the future and a unique ability to blend art and business. Whether he’s designing products or crafting music, Ekko’s creativity knows no bounds but Ekko’s interests go beyond the material world. He is deeply spiritual and committed to exploring the mysteries of the universe. With an open heart and a curious mind, Ekko is always seeking new ways to connect with his inner self and the world around him.

Kinera (Creative Director) 

At just 23 years of age, Kinera is a remarkable artist hailing from Slovakia, a small yet captivating country in Europe. Kinera has been an integral part of iiiEXIST since the outset of 2016 and has even been a pioneer of the brand prior to its official launch. She is responsible for capturing the essence of the brand through her awe-inspiring sketches and illustrations, bringing to life the conceptual designs that best represent the iii EXIST ethos. Kinera’s artistic repertoire spans a vast range of mediums, from clothing and posters to equipment and nature projects, all of which exude her distinctive style and creative flair.

AC (Sound Alchemist)

AC is a multifaceted individual hailing from San Diego, renowned as both a skilled producer and artist. Specializing in the creation of melodic and ambient West Coast beats, AC has carved a unique niche in the music scene. Beyond the realm of music, AC is also a professional yoyoer, proudly sponsored by General Yo. In addition to showcasing progress in yoyo-ing, AC takes on the role of an event organizer, contributing to the vibrant cultural landscape of his community. With a passion for both sonic and kinetic arts, AC’s diverse talents and contributions make for a compelling and dynamic story to be told.

Key Aura (Sound Alchemist)

Somewhere in the beautiful country of New Zealand rises a producer and artist KeyAura. His production style consists of majestic vibes, melodies and hard trap drums, combined together with visionary artwork to tell the story of transcendence, bliss, and truth mixed with the rush of the city modern life we now live in. KeyAura speaks wisdom through his vocals which tell the story of our inter-connectedness with nature and how we should move and think with nature to provide beautiful design and a thriving planet. All of the Production, Recording, and engineering along with the graphics and VFX for all his songs/videos are done by KeyAura using his own mind, body, soul and laptop.

Woosah (Sound Alchemist)

Woosah, a Vancouver-born producer, has made remarkable strides in the music industry, despite only having produced for a brief 2-3 years, at the age of 26. Initially honing his craft in the realm of metal, Woosah soon discovered his passion for producing heavy-hitting trap beats, among other genres. His signature production style, which he unreservedly incorporates into his music, originates from his rock/metal background. Woosah has collaborated with iii Exist Records and Joule$ to create some of his most impressive works, intending to generate healing yet destructive sound waves that elevate the listener’s mind, body, and soul. These productions are an ode to his distinctive creative expression, and Woosah is undoubtedly an artist to watch in the industry.

ZZ The Pharaoh (Artist)

Hip-Hop artist and producer of Nigerian and Italian heritage. Formerly known as ‘Zz, The Slept On’ he mentions pharaoh being a reflection of the stage he has reached mentally and spiritually, becoming a King in his own right. ZZ mentions in ‘Off The Bench’ (2020) ‘dreaming of big condos and marble floors,’ which doesn’t seem that far out of reach after recognition from the likes of Ghostface Killah from the Wu-Tang Clan on his single ‘Years’ from his debut album ‘The Conception Drive’. As well as releasing his debut album this summer, 2021 has seen ZZ opening for the iconic Slum Village at the renowned Blues Kitchen in Manchester UK, and the release of his second project ‘Gentle Reminder to Breathe. ZZ is not only a light in his corner of the world but a visionary who is not afraid to manifest his vision & allow the world to witness his dreams unfold.